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Introducing The Exciters

With Dual Lens Technology™

200% More Lens Than The Original Pit Vipers. Or 100% More? Um, IDK.
Keep going, there is a puppy at the bottom of this page.

4 Impressive Styles

They Are Big In All The Right Places.

Like eye coverage & attitude. (Pssst, Paul. Your fingers are in the shots.)

Best In Class Accessories Included

Every Pair Comes With A Set Of "Tie Downs".

Paul, learn how to edit photos and get your damn fingers out of the shots.

Oh Nice, Real Mature.

Do you have a shred of professionalism in that hampster dome of yours?

Is it that hard to get your fingers out of the shot?

uuuuuuugggg. Okay. You Made Your Point.

Can we please just finish this?

I'm really sorry you people had to see that.



Okay, forget him. Where were we?

The Exciters!

They are z87 safety rated.

We've waited so long to say that.

Exciters Are Adjustable

We kept the e-spot because we knew you'd like it.

And now introducing the Brook Shields. A feature to pine over.

This Was Working Better With Photos

We have some around here somewhere.

There We Go

I promised a puppy

Here is your fricken puppy. Now buy The Exciters.

You Just Watched Us #2

How do you feel about that?

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