Sport Beer™

The Official Beer Cocktail of Pit Viper Sunglasses



Sport Beer™:


  • Beer (preferably light) ex: Bud Light 12oz
  • Ice (cubed)
  • Sports Drink (lemon-lime flavored) ex: Gatorade


1. Using a solo cup (aka RED plastic cup) pour in your COLD beer until it is 3/4 full.
2. Add a scoop of ice to your desired drinking speed.

(Drinking speed is referring to whether you drink it down like a hero, or if you fuckin' milk it like it’s a dang drip irrigation system)

Fast drinkers (heroes) need less ice.

Slow drinkers (nerds) need more ice.

          TIP: adding ice after beer creates less foaming of the beer.

3. Now as foam settles, add as little or as much of your favorite sports drink to the beer and ice.

4. Enjoy!

5. Then repeat responsibly and get ready to WIN motherfucker!!!

Want more? Try out these variations:

Sport Mimosa:

For fancy morning occasions try using Champagne and an orange flavored sports drink.

Blood Sport:

Spice up your Sunday brunch with a little lemon-lime sports drink in your bloody.

 Sport Margarita:

Add in your favorite flavor of sports drink for fun!

Muy Delicioso indeed.

Mad Sport 20/20:

Garnish with orange slices for soccer games at half time.

Sport Russian:

This new age twist on a cold war classic will have you Putin sports drinks in all your favorite cocktails from here on out.